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It was Mercieca’s recovery and discoveries that led her to become trained in various skills, acquiring a Life and Business certificate in Coaching, before going on to learn the art of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time-Line Therapy, Hypnosis and Wholebrain Intelligence (she is also accredited with the relevant boards in America).

It was these skills that guided her develop a program to help other become both depression and pill free.

Please have a listen to my 45-minute audio workshop where I explain how the subconscious mind works and what’s needed to create the change you desire.

In my early 20s I was diagnosed with severe clinical depression.

Tamra also has a regular column in Nature and Heath magazine and you can see all her television and radio spots at: Email: [email protected] Website: Facebook: https:// Queen/Aired Thursday, 29 June 2017, PM ET Warrior Woman - A Path Away from Shame Toward Power We are living in extraordinary times.

On both the material and spiritual level, there is a sense of things in flux.

Understanding how you are programmed – what your subconscious gunk is – and how to change it, is key to changing your life.

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That was until I discovered the power of the subconscious mind, and how we can actually reprogram ourselves to experience more joy and positivity.

Then join us from 5.30pm this Wednesday where Tamra Mercieca's second book 'Getting Naked - The Dating Game' will be launched alongside her company Getting Naked Pty Ltd.

The Festival brings together playful products that inspire a healthier and happier way of living: live music, massages, organic chocolate sampling, prizes, gift bags and so much more.

Every person has the ability to be happy, to experience love and enjoy life. And that’s what I do in this comprehensive program.

I take you on a guided journey into your subconscious; bringing to your awareness what programming is keeping you stuck, before helping you unplug it at it’s source.

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