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It's weird that you can be spread eagle and shy at the same time. When you're being physically intimate with someone, you might think, my body's doing all the work, so, why do I have to talk?Well, for starters, being intimate means that you're also being vulnerable with your partner, and that's not easy for everyone.

Communication during sex can cause a lot of anxiety in people because they don't always know what to say or when to say it, and how their partner is going to react to said communication.

If you get nervous about talking during sex, or have no clue what to say, you're not alone.

published a study that indicated many people are apprehensive about communicating during sex, and that this apprehension can negatively affect your sexual pleasure.

Gabby Logan and her daughter Lois The #Teen Talk campaign provides parents and teens with the knowledge, support and tools to have the all-important #Teen Talk in confidence.

From the 10th May, the #Teen Talk guide will be available from Boots stores nationwide as well as special offers of trusted P&G brands like Always, Venus and Tampax.

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