Cfinput not validating

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But I have to say that I find cfwindow, cfform, cfinput and the associated error handling very easy to use and it is still hard for me to face the idea of stopping what I am doing and taking the time to learn a new language like j Query and a new set of tools.

So for me the thing that will be most useful is good real life examples that will help me get started on that change.

Use this attribute to limit the number of requests that are sent to the server when a user types.

Valid only for cfinput type="text" Specifies the HTML tag attribute whose value is set by the bind attribute. The input control type to create: - button: push button.

Let's start with a but there is already a problem, it does not compare the PASSWORDS to see if they match.

So right off the bat you have to figure out how to do that.

So here I am going to address that with a simple demo.

This demo has two validation methods, a manual one and one that uses the .validate j Query plugin.

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Based on other message threads I've added ids to the fields (no change) and added name and id and format to the cfform tag (no change).You can only specify attributes in the browser‚ HTML DOM tree, not Cold Fusion-specific attributes. - datefield: Flash only; date entry field with an expanding calendar for selecting dates. The valid value can be either of the following: ‚Ä¢ A string consisting of the suggestion values separated by the delimiter specified by the delimiter attribute. - password: password entry control; hides input values. = Any character - all other = the literal character In Flash for type=datefield use: - D = day; can use 0-2 mask characters. ‚Ä¢ A bind expression that gets the suggestion values based on the current input text. The minimum time between autosuggest bind expression invocations, in seconds.

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