Bank of america not updating in mint

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Mint also automatically syncs with your Bank of America account every time you log in.

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Using Mint is a convenient way to view your account information without actually logging in to your Bank of America account.

Seems odd that one account would consistently return an OL-292-B error and the other would not. I've also had this issue going for awhile (last updated transactions 7.21.16). I had to go to B of A's website and download my transactions from there.

I've tried resetting the account but get an "Account Reset Failed" message. :-(I have been messing with these issues for 4 days. When I tried the last one (Deactivate and reactivate using the Bank of America Credit Card option) it locks up and just spins away. Quicken opened and posted everything, no duplicates. Don't know if Bof A has made some change but I know this started sometime after 8/13 when my last transaction downloaded.

If you're getting a message that Mint can't connect to your Bank of America account because there is a security method that prevents us from adding it, it's because we're unable to connect to Bank of America when two factor authorization is enabled.

To connect to your Bank America account, you'll need to disable two factor authorization on the Bank of America website and then go back to your Mint account to fix your Bank of America account.

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