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A few of the most common are: Here’s a comprehensive listing: to wikipedia (see emoticon article link below), the predecessor of the modern "emoticon" (the cute little smiley faces and such) was first documented in 1857 when Morse code operators purportedly used the number 73 to mean love and kisses….In 1982, professor Scott Fahlman at Carnegie Mellon University suggested using to indicate things that weren’t jokes… Emoticons have evolved into more than just smiley faces.In order to suit the more local clientele, CHAT ROOM offers spicier dishes with Chinese twists.As the web has grown as a form of communication, it’s funny to think that we are actually returning back to our written communication roots!

In an effort to cut down on text-message charges, time, and to befuddle those who do not know, people of all ages have really grabbed on to the abbreviations.

And with a rotating set of fun features and filters, it's also the response to Facebook and Twitter's stale experiences.

As with any social network, much of your Snapchat experience will depend on who you follow, but on this one you're less likely to find carefully composed posts.

This is an alternative lifestyle, Furry only (no humans) selective fantasy roleplaying world system, offering a variety of areas to explore, plenty of space to build, and lag-free zone to sit and chat with the natives. Other Categories: Social worlds The Garden is an open virtual community for the free exchange of ideas in an atmosphere of presumed mutual respect. All are advised to bring their sense of humor and expect occasional edginess to enhance the flavor of the discourse.

Other Categories: Social Role-playing worlds The name really says it all...

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